Colin Willman Business Support inc Accountancy Services
Colin Willman Business Support inc Accountancy Services

CGWonline - Bookkeeping and finding Finance in Wokingham

Welcome to CGWonline in Wokingham offering Business Support including Accountancy Services
Colin Willman has been offering services to self-employed people and small businesses in the Thames Valley for over 20 years. There are a lot of things in a small business that can take the owner away from the key income generating work on which the business survive.  In addition to providing the bookkeeping and submission of HMRC and Companies House returns we offer some of the skills you may only require once or twice in the lifetime of the business.  These can vary from proposals to raise finance to negotiating the purchase of capital assets and business planning to introducing credit controls.

It is also very important to get an independent view of the business and most of us can be too close to what we are doing to see a better way or to identify unnecessary actions that no longer need to be done.  CGWonline identifies these and if this is a barrier helping the business to finds ways around it to enable the business to thrive.

What is important is the business only buys in these services as and when they need them at a cost which is reasonable it terms of the income of the business.

In addition to the Bookkeeping and Finance, CGWonline in Wokingham also aims to provide a comprehensive level of business support including marketing and sales advice

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